Horden - The Road To Opportunity

This is the site of the new railway station, at Sea View, known to most as the former colliery site in Horden. The photograph was taken in April 2014.

I named this photo The Road To Opportunity. Stood contemplating what lay before me, this photograph froze a moment in time, the moment I decided I wanted to keep our family business based in Horden to serve the community we had been a part of for over 6 years. A community our family had long roots in for decades before that when the village was at its peak.

This little road may be rough looking, but beyond it is a new beginning, new hope, new opportunity. The future is bright, the future is connected, the future is Horden.

Together as a community of residents, community groups and local businesses we can grab this opportunity and own it. Take back control of our future as a village.

Horden‚Äč needs you! Your family friends and neighbours need you. You need you, to believe in the big opportunity at the end of this rough road.

Believe in a better, brighter future.